Fizz the Poodle

Meet Fizz- As a four-year-old canine sensation, Fizz continues to bring happiness and magic to audiences alongside Cheryl and Andy. Her role in “Andy and Co” extends beyond being a performer—it’s about spreading love, joy, and creating cherished memories. Fizz, with her wagging tail and playful antics, is a testament to the extraordinary connections that can be forged between humans and their beloved animal companion an endearing charm, she has become an integral part of the dynamic entertainment ions.Meet Fizz, the delightful four-year-old toy poodle, is the heartwarming canine companion owned by Cheryl and Andy of “Andy and Co.” Bursting with energy, Fizz exudes an infectious enthusiasm that leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets. With a sleek coat duo’s performances.

Energetic and playful, Fizz effortlessly captivates audiences of all ages. Her lively presence adds a special touch to events, creating an atmosphere filled with joy and laughter. Whether engaging in her trick routine or simply frolicking around, Fizz’s animated spirit elevates the overall experience.

Described by children as loving, happy, and friendly, Fizz has a natural talent for forging connections. Her friendly nature extends beyond mere entertainment; Fizz is a social butterfly, making new friends at every event she attends. From tail wags to gentle nudges, Fizz communicates joy and affection, leaving a lasting impact on those lucky enough to share a moment with her.

The bond between Fizz and her owners is evident in the seamless synergy they share during events, creating a harmonious and magical experience for all.


Anton the Poodle

Anton was a black poodle. He loved meeting children and adults alike. He was a very friendly,  laid back character with great sense of fun. He enjoyed nothing more than entertaining at events and parties.

In his other ‘job’ Anton was a fully assessed ‘Pets As Therapy’ dog and visited hospitals, schools and care  homes.

Anton was trained and supervised by my wife, Cheryl. Anton and Cheryl had an incredible bond, which was seen when they are performed at events.

Cheryl was training and working with Anton with extra training guidance from Steph Foster of Raw Instinct Dog Training Centre in Rossington, Doncaster.

Anton started his life with the lovely Helen Bakewell of Burton on Trent. She bred him herself and gave  him every skill he would need to be the wonderful dog he is today. He came to us at the age of 3, a very confident, happy and friendly little dog.

**Update** Sadly Anton passed away last year but we are leaving his presence on our website as a lasting reminder to the smiles he brought everyone. RIP Anton  – The Legend.



Andy has been entertaining for over 3 decades.

He was previously known as ‘Andy the Clown’ for many years, performing at many children’s parties and  events. Over the last few years we have been working on a new act after the ‘scary clown  phenomenon’, though I still offer the Andy the Clown character upon request.

Now entertaining as ‘Andy and Co’, which includes my wife Cheryl and performing toy poodle Anton.  Warned never to work with children and animals – now doing both and it’s great fun!



Cheryl is been entertaining along Anton and Andy.

Entertaining as ‘Andy and Co’, which includes Andy and performing toy poodle Anton.  Warned never to work with children and animals – now doing both and it’s great fun!

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“My kids loved their show instantly because of Anton the poodle! This was the best decision for me, and I appreciate the care and loving atmosphere that you create for them!”

Natalie Johnson

Mom of a girl & boy

“It is always hard for me to make parties for kids interesting at home. However, after booking Andy & Co show, I was totally relaxed about our children’s entertainment! It was so fun thank you so much”

Cathy Walker

Mom of 2 girls